Monday, September 7, 2009

#34 C

Title: The Horse and His Boy

Author: C. S. Lewis

Year: 1954

This book starts off really slow, and I found it boring for quite a while since Lewis bogs down the narrative with too many details without enough plot development; however, near the end, it becomes more interesting, though I think it's not nearly as strong or enjoyable as the previous two books.

#34 B

Title: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Author: C. S. Lewis

Year: 1950

The book that's most commonly read from the collection, this installment has been the most enjoyable thus far, including adventures with a wicked witch, talking animals, and a lion's sacrifice; on another note, I wish I had more time to explore all the Biblical symbolism that is clearly rampant in this series.

#34 A

Title: The Magician's Nephew

Author: C. S. Lewis

Year: 1955

This story was written years after Lewis began the series, but he intended it to be read first; it provides the context for the following six books and tells the details of Narnia's founding.


I am currently reading The Chronicles of Narnia. It includes 7 books, but each one is fairly short, so I'm counting the entire collection as 4 books instead of 7. That's why the numbering system will get funky for the next few posts.